Sunset And The Environment

Spring is here and summer is around the corner!  It’s time to put away the winter wardrobe including your winter skin care!  The only thing “All Season” is your sunscreen!!

Everyone is born with an innate gene pool that determines the appearance of their skin.  These inherited factors include sensitivity, pigmentation, pore size, thickness   and oiliness of the skin. Although some of these factors create a challenge, the professionals at Age Of Innocence are dedicated to keeping your skin looking its best    for every season!  “Accepting what you cannot change” is NOT an AoI option!!

We know that factors such as lifestyle, diet, environment, stressors, but most importantly, the sun can impact the skin!  Our focus is not only appearance, but prevention!  It is a known fact that skin cancers are directly related to sun damage.  The rate of melanoma has risen 800% over the past four decades (Med Esthetics, 2012,) making it the most prevalent cancer among women ages 25-29 today. Squamous cell and Basal cell skin cancers are also on the rise in people under 40 years of age.  Prevention and protection come in a small tube of sun screen with an SPF of at least 15 including UVA/UVB protection.  (AoI prefers 30 SPF or higher.)

Besides skin cancer, the sun causes ninety percent of skin aging and this damage is accumulative!  The more sun, the more damage; manifesting as dry patches, permanent redness, freckles, “brown spots, melasma (patches of dark discoloration,) and wrinkles! Adding to this skin insult, are other environmental factors such as, smoking, smog, car emissions, soot, allergens, and an array of radiation to name a few.   A landmark study in “The Journal Of Investigative Dermatology” compared women living in an urban versus rural environment for over 24 years and to no surprise found that those exposed to increased pollution had more dark spots and wrinkling!! Relocation is not a must, but proper cleansing, antioxidants and sunscreen are an easy and effective solution. These three simple steps of skin care can be the difference between skin that doesn’t look its age and skin that is older than its years!

What’s an antioxidant?  Antioxidants help prevent cellular damage by pollutants and are necessary in combating aging, both externally and internally.  A healthy diet rich in fruits and leafy greens plays a powerful role in the body’s ability to repair itself.  Conversely, the AoI skin care professionals address the external oxidation damage from the sun and pollution with cutting edge treatments and products that reverse the hands of time! These professional products are individually prescribed to customize a regimen from our AoI skin care arsenal.  Stop by and visit us at Age of Innocence for “the rest of the story” …and SUNSCREEN!

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